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Free academic CV model to edit in Word

Academic Resume
Academic Resume

An Academic Curriculum will open the doors for you to continue improving yourself on a personal and professional level. There is nothing more important than expanding the area of ​​knowledge to expand your horizons both academically and professionally. Ideal academic CV model, for students, for master’s degrees, for exchange and other studies. Download this free Academic Resume example for Word!

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If you are looking for a university career, a postgraduate degree, specialty, master’s degree, doctorate, postdoctoral degree or any type of study where you need to go through a selection process, you must do so accompanied by an Academic Curriculum. What information should you include in an academic CV? You need to talk about your educational background, what relevant projects you have presented, research, awards, conferences and certifications obtained.

Where to look for a job with an academic resume

One of the concerns that every university student has is where and when can I start my job search. Therefore, we recommend that you follow everything described in How to make a student resume step by step.

There are many apps or Internet pages to search for work as a student, but not all of them have the best results. Therefore, review the best pages to find student work. You have everything in your favor to find a job, make your student CV now!

Download now this free academic resume.

How to save your traditional resume in PDF

In order for recruiters to receive your traditional resume in a professional format, you must save your file as a PDF. You just have to follow these simple steps and your CV will be ready to be shared: Go to the “file” menu, select “save”, from the drop-down menu choose the “PDF” option. You can now start your job search! Don’t think about it anymore, get the ideal job today.

Download for free this example of a traditional and elegant Curriculum Vitae to fill out.