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CV template in English to download in Word format ready to fill out

If you are looking for an example of a Curriculum in English, download this free CV template. To seek new opportunities in the world of work, it is important to write a resume in English. When you have a CV in English (or Resume) the possibility of getting a job in a transnational company or in another country increases considerably. Work in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or in any country in the world, a resume in English can help you achieve it.
Download this free English resume model for free and customize it easily and quickly in Word with your own data.

Curriculum In ingles for Word and PDF

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The curriculum vitae

To write a resume it is important that you have essential information. This ready-to-copy CV example in English contains all the essential sections to create a good resume. The sections that you have to include in your resume in English are:

  • Contact information. (Contact information) In this section you must include name, surname, telephone, email, sometimes your address is also important, others, for security reasons you should not do it, indicating your country and city is enough.

  • Resume Summary or Resume Objective. (CV Summary or Objectives) This section is usually optional in most countries, however it is being considered more and more by recruiters, especially because the keywords help to know whether or not the candidate has the characteristics that they are looking for. look for the company.

  • Work experience. (Professional experience) Describe your professional experience as briefly as possible without downplaying the tasks you have performed. It is recommended that you put the last three jobs you have had. Similarly, it is important that you place them chronologically starting with the most recent.

  • Education. (Education) This is about summarizing your educational information. Where did you study, what degree did you obtain and, sometimes, courses, diplomas and other relevant education that you have had.

  • skills. (Skills) Share each of the skills that you have learned or developed throughout your professional experience. If you do not have experience, mention the personal skills that you have and that can help you develop a better job. Try to relate them to the characteristics of the vacancy.

How to download and customize this free resume format

To obtain this free resume format in English for free, you just have to click on the download link, you will instantly have it on your computer. Now you just have to do the following to customize it:

  • Open the file in Word.
  • Double click on the fields you want to edit.
  • Add a photo.
  • Save in PDF format.

Before sending your resume in English to the companies that interest you, share the PDF with your friends or trusted people so they can read it and give you their impressions. It is preferable that you have to correct the file as many times as necessary, than that you send your application in English with errors.

Curriculum Vitae template in Word

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