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Official and formal Curriculum Vitae template to download for free in Word

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Download for free this example of curriculum web of an official resume ready to edit in Word. To find the ideal job, it is important to have the best Curriculum Vitae to send to recruiters. This formal resume template will help you stand out from the rest of the candidates who are competing for the same job as you. To download this official or formal resume, you just have to click on the download link, open the file in Word, edit it with your personal data and save it as a PDF. Get the perfect job for you thanks to this free resume format!

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How to put interests on the official resume

Make a professional official example of curriculum web with all the information sections that a well-done Curriculum Vitae should have. For your formal resume to look good, you should also include the section on interests or hobbies. Next, we will give you the best tips to write your interests in the resume.

  • Look for your interests to be related to the vacancy for which you are going to apply. If you are going to participate in two different calls, personalize your CV for each job offer.
  • Do not write too much information, this section is for recruiters to have your profile outlined, so that they know a little about how your personality is made up, but it is not about you telling more.
  • The language of the traditional curriculum must be formal, without losing dynamism.Write different activities, such as travel, sports, literature, social activities that show different sides of you.
  • Do not include more than five hobbies, remember that during the interview you will be able to talk more about yourself.
  • If you have any hobbies with which you can show that you have special skills for teamwork or that your ability to adapt is high, do not hesitate to include them.

In order for recruiters to receive your traditional resume in a professional format, you must save your file as a PDF. You Making an official resume has never been so easy. Download this free official resume template now!