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Simple Free Resume Template
Simple Free Resume Template

Industries and certain companies within those industries have well-defined “cultures.” In some industries, such as traditional financial services, accounting, legal, etc. You will find that many recipients are very conservative. If they have vacancies, they will also advertise them very conservatively. This should be your clue that if you want to apply for this job, your resume should also be very moderate.

You may not use resume designs that others see as “progressive” or “creative.” These are reserved for applicants applying for positions in more liberal organizations.

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Description a free resume model

A classic minimal resume template is what you want to use. This design is exactly what you should consider. Structured vertically, it allows you to highlight your background and experience, as well as your education. At the top of the resume is a section for your “Purpose”, although YOU may want to use the terms “Profile” or “Career Summary” instead. Talking about your own career goals doesn’t convey the message that you’re more interested in adding value to the organization.

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