Free Newspaper Theme Resume Template

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Free Newspaper Theme Resume Template
Free Newspaper Theme Resume Template

Creative resumes can really make you stand out for hiring managers. At the same time, YOU don’t want to present anything that is distracting or too cute. Our newspaper-themed resume template is perfect for that. It’s designed to look a lot like traditional newspaper articles and uses most resume fonts. Because of this, it is highly readable and is sure to pique the interest of a potential employee. it does not detract from your education, skills and experience. In fact, it helps you highlight them perfectly.

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If you’re in sales, marketing, or any other area of ​​your business, we think this template is a great fit for you! The same is true if you are a young professional who needs little hooks to land your dream job.

The next step is up to you. Will it stand out from the competition? Just click below to download this great resume template for free!

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