Free Straightforward Resume Design Basic Grey And White

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Resume Design Basic Grey
Resume Design Basic Grey

Forget the decoration. The classic gray and white resume template is painfully simple: it talks about the business and nothing less. But no way, it’s generic or worse… boring. No problem.

If you need to comply with corporate standards in your industry, this template might be your best option. Without further ado, he presents his professional experience and his educational background: take it or leave it.

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Description a free resume model

The Experience section only increases the achievements YOU listed above. The About Me section could be used to include a formal statement of career goals (if you need one) or a brief summary of your measurable accomplishments: all of your projects were completed 60% faster than expected; 150% increase in advertising ROI in one year?

Don’t have the numbers to brag? Well, there are other things recruiters want to see on your resume. Also download this template and fill in the blanks. You are one step closer to your career change!

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