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Simple CV Template For Free
Simple CV Template For Free

If you’re a seasoned professional and don’t need wishy-washy templates to tarnish your credibility, we present to you the Shades of Black resume template.

Format:.pdf Word (Microsoft)
Weight:3 MB
Download:Link MS PDF

Description a free resume model

Elegant and consistent, it draws attention to your references and previous work experience, leaving room for your personality. The ‘Profile’ section above can be customized to represent your CV objective if you are applying for a traditional company, or to get a personal insight along with your career goals.

Human recurrences may no longer be exact but the tip of the person is that you are looking, and that the plan of the resume is that you must consider that it is necessary for you to do the job. Give your application the attention it deserves with this free classic resume template, a longtime “favorite” of corporate executives.

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