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Creative Resume Template For Women
Creative Resume Template For Women

Exude style and professionalism with this creative resume template. À La Mode features clean lines and strategic use of space to allow you to include the most information on your resume without making it appear bulky.

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Description a free resume model

You have several tactical areas that you can exploit. A profile section that YOU can use as a quick personal brand statement if you wish. The Skills section shows your areas of expertise. Add relevant keywords that you can find in the application. This makes both HR and applicant tracking software your best friends. A spacious header allows you to enter all your credentials and contact information. Subsequently, the work and education areas have plenty of breathing room, allowing you to stop all your information in short bullet points.

Ideal for experienced candidates who want to exude confidence while still appearing stylish and sophisticated, this resume template is a solid choice for anyone seeking creative, marketing, sales or hospitality roles.

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