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The Free Modern Resume Design
The Free Modern Resume Design

There is no doubt that he has impressive credentials. Your resume can have a lot of great content.

Here’s the rub: Many of the other applicants come from impressive backgrounds. How do you make sure your CV reaches recruiters?

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Description a free resume model

This is where the visual element comes into play. A splash of blue can be just the pop of color you need to draw more attention to your documents, while still making them look totally professional and not too “glitzy”.

This template features an elegant and geometric design. Use just a little bit of blue to add a bit of color without going overboard. The result is professional, engaging, and sure to appeal to any hiring manager. Like our other templates, this one is free. Once downloaded, you can edit as you like. It is fully compatible with MS Word for your fans. Feel free to make it yours.

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