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A Free Best Creative Resume TEmplate For Word
A Free Best Creative Resume Template For Word

Who says bright colors can’t be professional? We don’t agree with that. Pink is soft and nurturing, a great color for anyone starting out in the care field or working in early childhood education. It’s also bright, eye-catching, and edgy. Make this free resume template versatile enough for creative professions like artists, designers, and even musicians.

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Description a free resume model

Our Bubble Gum Resume template isn’t just about bright pink, it uses dark gray tones for contrast and balance. Below the signatures you will find plenty of space to add information about your profile, skills, work experience and education. It goes great with a great cover letter to show your enthusiasm for the job.

So how do you get this great template today? The good news is that you can save your credit card. There is absolutely no fee. In fact, you don’t have to do anything except click the download button below and start organizing your resume with this template.

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