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Dark Free Resume Template
Dark Resume Template Freebie

elegant We often think of this when we imagine a Rolex watch, a black limousine or a luxurious black dress or tuxedo. We don’t often think of “elegant” when it comes to resumes and resumes. After that, they are just documents that provide background information on candidates for job openings.

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Description a free resume model

However, resumes can be, and in fact may not be, elegant when applying for high-level positions in more conservative organizations. Most resumes or resumes for these types of positions are printed in black on a white background by default and have a professional design. They can have different fonts and structures that are well organized. But none of them will catch your eye at first glance.

This unique resume on a dark gray background with contrasting colored letters cannot fail to represent elegance and sophistication. And all without any “fancy” fonts. It is sure to stand out from the rest.

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