Instant Magnifier Resume Template Freebie

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Instant Magnifier Resume Template Freebie
Instant Magnifier Resume Template Freebie

Have you seen these cool forced perspective pictures online? You know dies where something looks really big because of the camera angle? This creative resume template is called Instant Magnifier because a section of the resume template appears enlarged. No, it’s not really bigger. It only looks like it! Not only does it look good, but it also helps make a part of your resume stand out.

Format:.docx Word (Microsoft)
Weight: 172 KB
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Description a free resume model

What do you think hiring managers forced to notice the most about you? Would it be your personal profile, career goals, skills, education, or something else? Once you download this template, you can use the expanded section to showcase its best features. What a great way to make the perfect impression with your resume or CV!

Grab this template and start practicing your job interview skills. I’m sure you’ll be getting calls and emails soon! Get started by clicking the download link below!

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