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Simple First Resume Template
Simple First Resume Template

Beginning and entry-level professionals face Catch 22: They need a strong resume to get hired, but they can’t build one without having a job. While this free resume template isn’t a panacea, it will help you maximize your chances of getting called in for an interview, even if you have little or no work experience

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Description a free resume model

Best suited for functional resumes, this template allows you to add a little more personal detail and shift the focus to your skills and education rather than the formal employment history. Use the large header area to add a statement of career goals or a personal statement when applying for less formal jobs. You have enough space to write more about your education, internship and/or volunteer experience. Then, if you have no idea where to start, read through some sample resumes first. You’ll find several that are specifically designed for beginners.

But before you read any further, be sure to download this template! It’s free and can be yours with a single click. This way we don’t start with a blank page!

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