The Working Woman – Resume Template Freebie For Ladies

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Resume Template Freebie For Ladies
Resume Template Freebie For Ladies

How do you add elements of self-expression to your resume while maintaining the highest level of professionalism? That is easy. Download our resume template with a decidedly feminine design and layout.

Remember, it’s about the brand. If you work in a company that caters to women, doesn’t it make sense that your CV also reflects a subtle femininity?

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Description a free resume model

There are other templates for women, but none of them have matched what we have here. Instead, these other templates are often too flowery, to the point of being unprofessional. We believe our approach prioritizes professionalism above all else, with just a subtle and feminine nod when it comes to colour. Personalize the profile section with a strong personal entry or career goal, back it up with your impressive professional background and finish with your educational credentials.

Download the template today to see exactly what we mean.

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