how curriculum vitae is written

Making a basic resume how curriculum vitae is written is very simple. A basic CV is a document in which you can detail your training, your work experience and your professional concerns and that allows you to apply for a specific job.

The basic curriculum consists of different sections, the most important being work experience and studies and qualifications. It must consist of one page, although if the position you are applying for requires you to include more information, your resume can be up to 2 pages long. You can consult basic CV templates to be able to have a base when writing yours, it is much simpler.

Tips for writing a basic CV

To write a basic CV it is very important to first know what it should contain. Below you will find a series of useful tips to make a good study plan. Take note!:

  • Do not write the curriculum vitae by hand, unless the company demands it. It is preferable that you do it with a computer and with a suitable typography.
  • Be brief, concise and direct. Your resume should not exceed one or two pages, maximum.
  • Take care of the style of the curriculum vitae and review it a couple of times to correct possible spelling errors.
  • Be honest with the information you include. Never invent.
  • Help yourself with bold and highlights to achieve greater clarity and convey professionalism in your curriculum vitae.
  • It is not advisable to write abbreviations and colloquial expressions.
  • Be positive sell the best of yourself, but in a short, concrete and simple way.
  • The photograph that you attach to the CV must be recent and passport size. Color is preferable.

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