When we write our whats a good font for a resume we have to be aware that in addition to the content, the form of our CV matters a lot. One of the aspects to which we spend less time when writing the resume is the type of letter or font that we are going to use. Although the source is not likely to help us get the job we want, it can make us lose points in the selection process. (Remember that the subjective perceptions of the reader of the resume matter!).

Spending a little time choosing the perfect typeface can help us make a good impression on the person who will later decide whether or not to continue in the selection process.

Here are some of the most common typefaces that we usually use and what each of these fonts conveys:


Arial is the perfect font for those who want a sans-serif typeface, that is sans-serif. Most people like Arial because they find it easy to read, with clear strokes and simple, pleasing to the eye.


It is important that the font chosen to write the resume is pleasing to the reader. This is why the Calibri typeface is considered one of the best fonts for a resume.According to studies, the Calibri typeface is often associated with stability, which is especially liked by companies.Calibri is also the type of Microsoft’s default font, so it’s great if you plan to send your resume over the internet. It is a font specially designed to be read on monitors and screens.

Century Old Style

The Century Old Style font may be suitable depending on the job position chosen. While innovative or creative companies often prefer other more “modern” typefaces, Century may be suitable for more traditional companies or positions.


If you want to give your resume a sober and classic look, Garamond may be the right font for you. According to some designers, the Garamond font exudes a simple and timeless elegance and is very refined on the printed paper.


The Georgia font is suitable for those who want to maintain a traditional look (similar to Times News Roman), but at the same time go a bit off the beaten path.
The Geordia reads particularly well on monitors and screens, and is available on virtually all computers, making it a good option if you plan to submit your resume online.

Times New Roman

The safest option if you are sending your CV over the Internet. Present on any computer, with the Times New Roman font you will ensure that the person who receives your CV sees exactly what you have sent. A clean and easy to read font on the computer.

Trebuchet MS

If you prefer to use a sans serif or sans serif font, but prefer to avoid the popular (and highly regarded) Arial or Verdana, then Trebuchet MS can be a great option.
Trebuchet is a perfect font for those who want to stand out from the rest of the candidates by using a somewhat unusual font, one that catches the attention of the employer, but is not too strange to offend the reader.

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