Cold As Ice – The Simplified Freebie Resume Design

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Freebie Resume Design
Freebie Resume Design

You already have a stacked resume or CV. This is a good start. But let me guess… it looks like any other CV would be submitted for the position: the right information, a decent structure, and a solid display of background and qualifications? But there is no hay pizza.

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Description a free resume model

Do you also want your app to be simple and memorable or precise but memorable? That’s right, let’s add some visual appeal to your resume that will make it stand out from the rest.

The ice cold resume template is perfect for reliable people who don’t want to go crazy by adding too much “personality”. But you are allowed to experiment with patterns and pops of color here and there. And adding your photos won’t hurt. Download this simplified resume design, play around with it and end up with a definitive document that will catch an examiner’s attention.

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