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Creative CV Template Giveaway
Creative CV Template Giveaway

Orange is hell. It’s creative. It’s sunny. It is warm. It’s a great color to make a resume or resume stand out. It is especially important that you work hard enough to require creative creativity or artistic talent. Take a moment to review our resume template in shades of orange. Use just the right amount of orange to make your resume stand out while maintaining a sense of restraint and professionalism. If your resume isn’t getting the attention it deserves, download this template and wait for the calls.

Format:.doc Word (Microsoft)
Weight:60 KB
Download:Link MS WORD

Description a free resume model

This resume template has space for your education, experience, and a brief personal profile. There’s even a spot for a professional photo. We make sure that absolutely nothing IS left out on this awesome template.

Feel free to download this awesome template and customize it with your own information. Or explore other creative resume templates available for free!

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