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Word to download elegant resume template

cadmium yellow resume template

This simple yet elegant resume template uses minimal color as an accent. Elegant resume template by limiting the color to a deep cadmium yellow, the result is a very subtle yet attractive canvas on which to display your career history and accomplishments.

Who Should Use the Cadmium Yellow Stencil? This would be a great template for a designer, teacher, or sales professional. The color, vertically split layout, and bold “Pop” header are enough to grab attention without being overwhelming. Use the target area to tell a little about yourself. There is also a place for an optional photo.

When you download this template, you’ll find it exceptionally easy to edit using MS Word. Simply accept your own profile picture, skills, work experience, and contact information. The curriculum is professionally designed so that it can be completed in minutes.

Format:Word (Microsoft) .docx
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Download:Link MS WORD 2013

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How to download a free resume model

What is the ideal format for a model resume?

  • The PDF is a format in which the content of the document cannot be edited. This way, your resume will not be altered as it would have been in Word.
  • Many companies use the ATS system (Applicant Tracking System) to analyze candidates’ CVs. This system can recognize keywords in your CV, but only the PDF format allows this. However, if you send your CV in JPG or image format, the ATS will not be able to recognize keywords and your CV may be discarded.
  • Being a universal format, PDF files don’t suffer from the indecipherable codes that other types of documents exhibit. Your CV will be read perfectly on any computer.