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Resume template for free
Resume Template For Free

What do you do when you want decision makers to focus on a part of your resume? Maybe you lack experience, but you graduated from one of the best business schools. Maybe you’ve worked for a big company in your industry and want that asset to be the focus of your resume template for free. These are just some of the reasons we created the Focus resume template. Draws attention to an item of your choice.

How does it look like? The Focus resume template is a vertically split resume. Contact information and area of ​​focus are on the right. The other elements of the CV are on the left. We combined soft blue, gold and white for an eye-catching effect.

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Description a free resume model

How does this work? After you download our resume, you can customize it to highlight exactly what you want. It’s the perfect template for any profession. Remember that we create and offer free templates that are easy to edit in Word. You can also choose to highlight your personal statement, skills, experience, or something else.

Finally, if you can’t decide what your greatest strength as a candidate is, look to others for inspiration. Check out our large collection of sample resumes for different jobs and experience levels!