Free Modern Resume Template Turquoise On Dark Grey

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Modern Resume Template Turquoise
Modern Resume Template Turquoise

If you want a resume that should include all the simple information every hiring manager wants to see, YOU’ll find this template perfect. At the same time, it has a modern style that will set you apart from the competition once a recruiter or hiring manager sees it.

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Description a free resume model

The first attractive element is the name in two colors on this dark gray background. Turquoise is a lovely pop of color anytime, although you can switch to any color you like. Bringing down the color theme in the form of headings for main sections is not only attractive, it allows the reader to see at a glance how YOU have structured your information. The other very “modern” element is the use of a bar chart to give a comparative overview of skill levels. It’s just another unique added touch that a reader will find appealing. Now all you have to do is write a great cover letter.

This template is free to download and fully editable in MS Word. You owe it to yourself to add just enough flair without going overboard to ensure you get noticed.

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