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Resume CV Template
Resume CV Template

The perfect resume or CV is discreet and professional. At the same time, it has visual elements that make it stand out from the rest. Pulling it off isn’t easy, but our teal resume template does it!

Format:.doc Word (Microsoft)
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Download:Link MS WORD

Description a free resume model

It features a turquoise color scheme that is attractive without being different. Even better is the page layout with a modern layout divided vertically with the applicant’s information on the left and their experience and education on the right. Together, this results in a meaningful and easy-to-read presentation of you as an applicant!

Say no more to the melancholy of looking for a job! Download this resume template, edit it in Word, and start filling it out right away. Get rid of the boring black and white resumes that everyone else uses. This is the hiring manager A refreshing change will stand out from your competition.

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