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Modern Resume Template

Who wants a boring linear resume with a white background? Your resume shouldn’t look like you printed it out with WordStar in a high school computer lab. Here’s an alternative for you too: our effective modern resume template.

Maximize the use of color, formatting, and design to create the perfect modern resume template for executives, managers, and creatives. This template flips the traditional resume design on its head to create something truly impactful.

Format:.docx Word (Microsoft)
Weight:177 KB
Download:Link MS WORD 2013

Link PDF

Description a free resume model

Also, how does it look? The left panel has a rich dark background color and plenty of room for your contact information, education, and work experience. On the right, a white column with space for your photo, profile or personal statement, experience and skills. To emphasize certain elements, our designers added royal blue accents.

To use this modern resume template, simply edit in MS Word. Feel free to add your own image, change the text, and even replace the colors with something from your own signature palette.

What is the ideal format for a model resume?

  • PDF is a format that does not allow for excessive document content, so your resume will not undergo any changes as it could in Word.
  • My company is in charge of the ATS system This system has the ability to identify keywords in a future resume, but only PDF format allows this, however if you submit your resume in JPG or image format, ATS cannot determine the keywords and your resume may be rejected .
  • As a universal format, pdf files do not apply to illegible codes that are inherent in other document documents. Your resume will read perfectly on any computer.

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