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Photo Resume Template
Photo Resume Template

We call this our modern and elegant resume template because it’s ideal for job seekers in creative fields: art, design, writing, advertising, journalism and more. You want a document that expresses your creativity, and without a doubt it is.

Format:.doc Word (Microsoft)
Weight:130 KB
Download:Link MS WORD

Description a free resume model

Choosing marbled backgrounds (or any other of the many options you have), colors, and the options to bring that background even through your photo can result in a stunning document that immediately grabs attention. Breaking the information down into specific sections makes it easier to read and ensures that your entire resume actually gets read. You can then add a strong career goal statement or less formal professional bio to the sidebar.

Download this great template, modify it as you like via MS Word, and have a brilliant resume. You will love all the choices you can make when doing this to make yourself truly unique.

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