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Resume Template Giveaway
Resume Template Giveaway

Soothing colors, scripted fonts, a split page layout, and unique headshot placement are just a few of the details that really make our Sweet Peach resume template stand out. We think you’ll appreciate the muted yet attractive pastel colors our designer chose for this design.

Who is this template for? We think it’s ideal for almost everyone. However, it is particularly good for people in the creative and hospitality sectors. He has a calming presence. Why not use to impress a hiring manager who has been staring at black and white resumes all day?

Format:.docx Word (Microsoft)
Weight:176 KB
Download:Link MS WORD

Description a free resume model

We’ve worked very hard to make this template absolutely perfect for you. We have also made access very easy. Click below to start the download process. Just follow the instructions and your template will be ready for you in a few moments.

Then customize your template to perfectly fit your needs. And if you’re feeling stuck writing, read several sample resumes first!

What is the ideal format for a model resume?

  • PDF is a format that does not allow for excessive document content, so your resume will not undergo any changes as it could in Word.
  • My company is in charge of the ATS system This system has the ability to identify keywords in a future resume, but only PDF format allows this, however if you submit your resume in JPG or image format, ATS cannot determine the keywords and your resume may be rejected .
  • As a universal format, pdf files do not apply to illegible codes that are inherent in other document documents. Your resume will read perfectly on any computer.

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