The Feminine Resume, A Free Template For Microsoft Word

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The Feminine Resume
The Feminine Resume

Some jobs are of a serious feminine nature. And even if you’re not, it can be nice to be a little girly in your app. This modern resume template has great horizontal section divisions and uses a pink border and section title colors. Muted, typically feminine colors work well. And to show you have a strong side too, check out the black lens section, a decidedly masculine colour. Show your soft and tough side with this template – you can be feminine and assertive at the same time.

Format:.docx Word (Microsoft)
Weight: 188 KB
Download:Link MS WORD

Description a free femenine resume model

A word on the term “resume target.” Some applicants prefer the term “profile” because it speaks more of accomplishments and the value YOU can bring than qualities that are your own goals. Employees like to see that.

To access this template, download the ZIP file and extract the template. If you want to use fonts, also download and install the fonts listed in the documentation. Open it and just paste your own content into MS Word!

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