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A Free Ultra Creative CV Template
A Free Ultra Creative CV Template

Are you an aspiring film director, graphic designer, writer, or creative professional in another field? Does your job require a sense of design and style? Take a look at our extremely creative resume template. As always, there is a place for a great portrait. But it’s the design here that really deserves all the credit. Artistic and geometric, it draws attention to the strategic areas of your resume.

Format:.doc Word (Microsoft)
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Download:Link MS WORD

Description a free resume model

One of the features of this template is the dark background and light font on the right side of the page. Enter your contact and profile information here. Complete the rest of your resume or resume with your education and work experience.

What if you want to make some changes to this template? You are absolutely free to do so. Each template can be downloaded and modified in MS Word. Better yet, you won’t spend a penny on our templates. Free son! What better way to position yourself as a creative professional?

What is the ideal format for a model resume?

  • PDF is a format that does not allow for excessive document content, so your resume will not undergo any changes as it could in Word.
  • My company is in charge of the ATS system This system has the ability to identify keywords in a future resume, but only PDF format allows this, however if you submit your resume in JPG or image format, ATS cannot determine the keywords and your resume may be rejected .
  • As a universal format, pdf files do not apply to illegible codes that are inherent in other document documents. Your resume will read perfectly on any computer.

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