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Example of Curriculum Vitae Word to download free and customize

Best Modern Resume
Best Modern Resume

List to advance your career, but you need a little push to start writing a best modern resume. Don’t start with a black and white Word file. Get a modern resume template instead. The reformer has everything a successful candidate needs.

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Description a Best Modern Resume Template

This theme features a featured header and snapshot section. Use it strategically to make a quick personal branding statement, listing your title and contact details. Then you have the sidebar area where you can describe your keyword and perhaps share more personal information or a formal resume statement (if you’re looking for a job with the company). Then you have the standard work/education sections with plenty of room to reflect on your accomplishments.

The special appeal of this template is that it’s not too flashy, and yet it doesn’t look too plain or boring. Also, are you waiting? Download this free template in MS Word format and start writing a resume that will get you hired!

What is the ideal format for a model resume?

The PDF is a format that does not allow editing the content of the document, in this way, your CV will not suffer any alteration, as it could have in Word.

Many companies use the ATS system (Applicant Tracking System) to analyze the resumes of the candidates. This system has the ability to detect keywords in your CV, but only the PDF format allows it to do so, instead, if you send your resume in JPG or image format, the ATS will not be able to detect keywords and your resume could be discarded.

Being a universal format, PDF files do not suffer from indecipherable codes that other types of documents do. Your CV will read perfectly on any computer.