Washed Out – A Free Pastel Colored Resume Template

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Colored Resume Template
Colored Resume Template

Your resume communicates your skills, experience, education and more. In addition, it also serves as an expression of your personal brand. This document finally convinced recruiters to take a second look. It should be compelling and tailored to the desired job. Visual attractiveness is important. This is what sets your resume apart.

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Description a free resume model

We think this pastel colored resume template is a perfect match. It has a muted pastel wash that is attractive, elegant and professional. Your resume will never get lost in the pile again. Even better, YOU can customize the template to fit your needs perfectly. Easy to write and edit with MS Word. You can keep the template and edit it and make as many copies as you need.

We were just asking for a favor. We count on your feedback to improve our templates. If you like what you see, please leave a comment!

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