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Dark Free CV Template
Dark Free CV Template

Sometimes YOU need a great resume that YOU can email and view online. Modish’s applicant template is perfect for this purpose. This professional resume template features genius icons to help draw attention and communicate your message more concisely. This cool, web-friendly template is a real treat as it looks just as good on screen as it does on paper!

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Description a free resume model

We call this a chiaroscuro template because the color changes from light to dark to light again. It sure creates an interesting visual effect. This is something that will break the monotony of reading dozens of boring black and white resumes. It offers plenty of space for your education, professional experience and a personal profile. This template will help you get results. You just need to prepare yourself for these difficult interview questions.

The best part? We would be happy to provide you with this template free of charge. Just click the download button and get started!

If you don’t have Microsoft Word or don’t know how to use it well enough, check out this online alternative for creating a resume.

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