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Makeover Resume Template
Makeover Resume Template

Makeovers are a powerful thing. You can change your appearance. You can change your life! Speaking of changing your life, if you’re not getting the answers you want, maybe it’s time to revamp your resume too? You’ve got the talent, so it’s time to change your resume!

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Description a free resume model

Start writing a great resume with this professional resume template. You’ll be sure to catch the hiring manager’s eye with the green accent that makes this vertically split resume design stand out. The sidebar area has a prominent “skills” section and allows for the inclusion of a personal profile/resume objective, as well as a headshot if desired. And if you’re not sure what else to add to your application, check out the compelling resume examples we’ve put together for you.

Download a new resume template today to stop your career and start a great transformation in your life! You lose nothing as this template is available for free.

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