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A Free Elegant Resume Template
A Free Elegant Resume Template

When you want to make a bold statement that sets your resume apart from others in the pile, this elegant free resume template is for you.

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Description a free resume model

It begins with your name on a two-tone background and an attractive (but appropriate) photo placed at the top of your document. Divide the rest of your resume into manageable sections that allow the reader to easily skim the points within each section.

The beauty of an elegant resume is that it is not only well-structured, but also concise, allowing you to fit all the essential information on a single page: your work history, skills, education, and career aspirations. And using different fonts and hues is another way to differentiate sections and keep the overall message bold.

This template is editable in Microsoft Word and you can change the colors, shadows, fonts and even move the sections to your liking.

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