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A Free Elegant CV Template
A Free Elegant CV Template

If your career is in a creative or artistic field, you know you have a little more leeway when creating your resume. Also, what will your CV say about you? Will he suggest that he has particular taste and maybe even an award for avant-garde chutzpah? Or will it just be a plain, boring canvas that no one really pays attention to?

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Description a free resume model

Talk about the value you can bring to an organization, but do it with style and flair. Use bright and bold colors; Add imaginative phrases that are sure to draw the reader in. This reader may not be able to “see” your creative products (unless they link to your portfolio, of course), but your words and design can say a lot about you.

Download our Creative In Red resume template and put your own personalized “stamp” on it. This is very easy, because the download is done in Microsoft Word. It’s time to let your personality shine!

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