CV Design For The Female Applicant – For The Ladies!

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CV Design For The Female Applicant
CV Design For The Female Applicant

Would you like your CV to have a feminine look? If so, we think this template is perfect for you. Use traditionally feminine shades of pink. The font used in the headers is very elegant and reminiscent of calligraphy. All in all, you will find this to be a very suitable template for women.

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Description a free resume model

Are you looking for a job where your female perspective and sensitivity are an advantage? Maybe you just want to express yourself as a professional woman. If this is your style, we have great news. This template is absolutely free. You can download and customize it to your liking. To get started, simply sign up for our newsletter. Then you can unlock. Once you download it, use it however you see fit. It’s our little gift to you.

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