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Free Minimalist CV Template
Free Minimalist CV Template

There’s a reason neutral and monochrome color schemes are so popular. They are glamorous and modern, but also discreet and very professional. Who doesn’t want that sleek modern look for their resume or resume?

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Description a free resume model

That’s why we created this Shades of Gray resume template (among many other tiny resume templates!). Emphasize simplicity and sophistication by using only shades of gray and white. Not only is it a great design choice, but it also makes your resume text stand out even more. We think our font selection takes advantage of this very well. This resume template exudes professionalism and class.

We love this template for everyone, but I think it’s especially good for managerial and technical roles. Financial professionals, including lawyers, can also customize this template to suit their needs.

Is your resume getting the game you think it should be? If not, try shades of gray!

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