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Free Resume Design For The Ladies
Free Resume Design For The Ladies

Your resume is not just a boring document that lists your work history. It is a representation of your personality, attention to detail and style. A simple resume makes you look like any other candidate. Today, it would just result in your CV or resume being ignored. You have to stand out!

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Description a free resume model

Why not start with a chic but simple pink resume for the ladies? Guys, are you confident enough to wear a touch of pink? Then this one is for you too.

We think YOU will love the gradient pattern, professional fonts and columns for your profile details. This is an automatic resume for creative people, sales people, marketers and others. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your feminine style and design skills. This makes you unique and attracts the attention of potential employers.

Try it today! And don’t forget to write a compelling cover letter to match such a compelling template!

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