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Free Resume Of The Week
Free Resume Of The Week

We’re often asked why we offer such a wide variety of colors in our resume templates. We do this because every personality, job and skill has a perfect color to match. If you want something soft, soothing, and decidedly feminine, consider a color like lilac, the color of choice for our Lilac Beauty resume template.

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Description a free resume model

First of all, don’t let the pastel color fool you. It is a professional resume. It contains all the elements YOU need to create a resume that will get you one step closer to a great job. This template will do the “hard work” during the exam portion and all that’s left for you to do is show up and make a great impression in person at the interview.

Many companies will charge you several dollars for this template. You may also request that we disclose your personal information. Both No. Click the button below to download the resume for free.

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