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Best Free Resume CV
Best Free Resume CV

What do you choose when you want a color that expresses great professionalism? Black and gray are great, but they don’t always stand out very well. We think green is an excellent option. It’s understated, professional, but catches the eye. That’s exactly what we had in mind when we created our Green Granite resume template. It is an excellent color for executives and C-suite level applicants who are unwinnable with their application but still want to be remembered. We love is for managers too.

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Description a free resume model

Are you a recent graduate? Don’t let an unexpected experience stop you from using a professional template. Stand out from the crowd with a professional resume. You will not regret!

How to download this template? That is easy. Just click the download link to get your free template! Simply customize it with your own information and wait for the calls to come through.

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