Minimalistic Green – A Simplified Resume Template Giveaway

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Simplified Resume Template
Simplified Resume Template

Does your CV make you happy? If you’ve submitted a messy resume, it might be time for a little makeover. You can get started by downloading our smaller green resume template. As the name suggests, it offers a clean design and layout that emphasizes minimalism. Green headers add just enough color to make your resume interesting, while the classic look lets your qualifications stand out. It is a free resume for a professional job seeker.

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Description a free resume model

Minimalism doesn’t mean monotonous or boring, of course. This is a very elegant resume template. We’ve even added a section that shows your skills in an attractive chart.

We are pleased to provide you with this free resume template. We just want you to be bitten for a small favor. If you share this post on Facebook or Twitter, we can make our templates available to an even wider audience.

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