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The Free Modern REsume
The Free Modern Resume

Accountants, bankers, MBAs, salespeople, and other professionals face an interesting challenge. You need to balance the expectations of the resume with the need to create an attention-grabbing document.

A resume that looks like it was made for an art student is out of the question. A resume that’s too “crisp” and unattractive doesn’t help either.

The most important thing is to choose a resume that meets the conservative standards of many potential drivers while also being visually appealing. It is combined with a Brooks Brothers pattern with a shirt color and designer color tie. You will stand out among your peers.

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Description a free resume model

The dark border and anthracite stripe are perfect accents for your professional CV. We think you’ll love the overall design too. We’ve heard good things about this template from HR people and hiring managers. Download is today. It’s free! You will love what this resume says about you.

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