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A Free Functional Resume Template
A Free Functional Resume Template

It may seem that the job search is rigged to favor the more experienced worker. Worse yet, many resumes are designed to emphasize experience more than anything else. What can you do as a career starter? How can you make your resume stand out to get the attention it deserves?

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Description a free resume model

First, try our Ready For The World resume template. It is designed as a functional resume, placing the skills section at the top. That way hiring managers see what you can do first! In addition to prioritizing your skills and certifications, we created a subtle yet unique design. It’s eye-catching and modern-looking without being too flashy. What a great way to stand out while maintaining serious professionalism!

Not sure how YOU should organize your personal information with our template? We have also insured you with it. Check out our extensive collection of sample resumes designed for different niches and experience levels.

Now you’re ready for the world too! All you have to do is download this template below for free!

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