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Freebie Photo Resume Template
Freebie Photo Resume Template

If your resume was just a place for YOU to list your credentials, decision makers wouldn’t care about the document at all.

But somehow they still trust him a lot. What to know why? Because considering that the resumes are part of the person’s personal brand.

Your resume should convey you personally, your talents, and your area of ​​expertise. And that’s what this template does amazingly well.

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Description a free resume model

This free resume template comes with attractive blue headings and subheadings. We’ve stuck to a more traditional color and font to improve readability. An attractive chart allows you to create a visual representation of your skills and experience.

As always, this template is free to download if needed. Feel free to customize it with MS Word. For something extra, you can add a great cover letter to compliment your resume.

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