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A Clean Resume Template Freebie
A Clean Resume Template Freebie

Clean and simple. Sometimes this type of resume is the best option. If you have minimal experience or just a few records in distributor employment, this professional resume template might be perfect. It allows you to create a profile that summarizes your career and your value to an organization. It also has space for you to list your work experience and educational/training credentials. In fact, the template itself provides an outline that is easy for YOU to follow while writing your resume.

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Description a free resume model

One thing to note: Your resume WILL be keyword checked before it passes the test and will continue to be sent for review. Use the job posting to capture these references and include them on your resume, along with other meaningful words related to youre work experience and competency.

There are several options with this template including the ability to add your photo. But they don’t offer many “flashy” elements. It’s the perfect no-frills resume for a job posting, allowing a potential hire to see your background and qualifications at a glance.

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