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A Free Professional Resume Templates
A Free Professional Resume Templates

You know how most HR departments analyze resumes? The first thing they look at is the current position: start/end date + company name. Then check previous job listings and jump to the education section. And that’s why the chronological resume format works best.

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Description a free resume model

But simply finishing all the entries in reverse chronological order will NOT get you to the interview. You have to be more tactical in your application and use the “heavy weapons” first. Our remarkable resume template for strategies will help you. The clear layout naturally guides the executive to the most important parts of your resume: previous job titles, achievements, skills. So that decision makers can find what they are looking for without much thought.

And if you’re not sure how to use all the available space in this template, empty out some sample resumes first. But before you start, download this template because it IS a lot to start writing when you have already designed an attractive design.

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