10 common mistakes in resumes

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10 common mistakes on a resume

Discover the most common resume mistakes to avoid. Create your resume flawlessly and captivate recruiters from the first look at your resume. ✓ Mistakes YOU shouldn’t make.

If you are about to start looking for a job, whether you are looking for the first time or looking for a career change, we will tell you which are the most common resume mistakes that YOU should avoid. Remember that your resume is the document that opens the doors to your opportunities, so it has to be perfect.

Recruiters throw out resumes at the first mistake, so don’t let one mistake cost you the job of your life. You’ll get the interview that gets you the job thanks to this list of mistakes not to make in a resume we’ve created for you.

The 10 worst mistakes in resume

Making the perfect resume is possible if you follow this list of resume mistakes you shouldn’t make. Do not forget that you must update it every time you do a new course, certification, job change or a new academic training.

Spelling and syntax errors

As obvious as this recommendation may seem, recruiters often receive resumes with spelling and syntax errors. To prevent your resume from having errors, we recommend that you activate the Word spell checker, it will help you detect words with misspellings and sentences that do not have good syntax. It is easy to use, please feel free to use it.

Do not describe the tasks performed in your previous jobs

It is essential that recruiters know what you did in your previous jobs. For the description of your tasks, goals, achievements, it is important that you write the information clearly and that you have in mind what are the achievements that your future employers could be interested in.

Do not include keywords

Putting keywords on your resume is basic. To make a selection of the words that you should include, we recommend that you read the job offer carefully, in this way, you will be able to make a list of the keywords that you could include in your resume if they match your skills.

Have an unprofessional email address

Many people make the mistake of applying for a job with an informal and unprofessional email account, this gives a negative image to the recruiter, because what is always sought is the profile of a professional worker and an unprofessional email it could cost you the consideration of your future employers.

Use very elaborate and poorly readable fonts

The best thing you can do to make reading easy and understandable is to choose a simple font for your resume. Fonts that have a lot of design can be graphically pleasing, but difficult to read. The fonts that we recommend are: Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdana or Century Gothic.

Writing with ambiguity is one of the worst mistakes in a resume

Clarity is essential when reading a resume. If you write an idea that is not well supported or not very clear, the readers of your resume will not understand what you mean. That is why it is very important that you write your information in order and with real meaning.

A bad professional profile

The professional profile in a resume is the first thing that recruiters will read in your CV, so it contains the key points of your professional career in an orderly and clear way. Mention percentages of your goals, if possible, as well as keywords.

Do not include action verbs

Action verbs indicate initiative. It is not the same as saying “I was responsible for a team that managed to increase sales by 20%…” to “I implemented a plan with the team I led and we managed to increase sales by 20%…”. Employers look for people with initiative and a desire to do a lot for the company.

That your resume is too short or long

If your Curriculum Vitae is less than one page or more than three, there is a problem. Currently it is recommended that all your information be well summarized and fit on a page. If this is not possible, because your professional experience is extensive, two pages will suffice, but no more.

Job offers receive hundreds of candidates every day and the less but higher quality information you give recruiters on your resume, the better your chances of being selected.

Use the same resume for different job offers

Do not make the mistake of sending the same resume to different job offers. Each position has its specifications, it is important that you edit your resume according to the needs of the vacancy. Use the necessary keywords and write your resume in the best way.

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