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ways to send your resume
ways to send your resume

Discover below 4 ways to send your Curriculum Vitae by email or LinkedIn. The best options to send your CV to companies.

Many of us have problems sending a Curriculum by email or LinkedIn to companies, since the CV is very heavy, the file is not attached, among others… Therefore, we want to help you find a solution to this problem and provide you with some ways so that You can send your Curriculum to companies without problem and be sure that it will reach the indicated contact.

Discover now our 4 ways to send a CV by email or LinkedIn.

By having a variety of CV formats, you will be able to send your CV to companies also through different websites, giving you much more opportunities to get in touch with many companies or recruitment agencies and be able to get a job.

To send a CV by email or LinkedIn you have 4 options:

1 – Send the Curriculum as an attached piece

By email: you can send an email for a job offer with your Curriculum as an attachment to your email in PDF format. If it is very heavy, compress it before sending it. Important! Do not compress it too much as the resolution of the images may be affected.

2 – Send your CV via WeTransfer

By email or LinkedIn: you can create a link with the compressed file in WeTransfer and send your Curriculum within your e-mail or sent message that you want to send to your contact.

3 – Upload your resume on LinkedIn

By email or LinkedIn: You can attach your CV in PDF version to your LinkedIn account and send the URL of your profile to the contact of your choice.

This is super effective. In addition, your LinkedIn account can be personalized, optimized, and you can attach elements that can give much more value to your profile: videos, portfolio, work done, diplomas… This will help you a lot when applying for a job offer.

4 – Create a video cv

By email or LinkedIn: create an original video CV, upload it on Youtube and share the URL with the person you want. This can also be a complementary piece of your online applications.

If you don’t want everyone to see your video, you can set your privacy options. In this way, the person you send the link to will be the only one who can see your message.

Thanks to this medium, recruiters will be able to learn more about you and see your motivation for occupying said position. If you can make a video per company, specifying the reasons why you want to work with them would be ideal, but only you decide how far you want to go.

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