6 Tips for changing jobs in the same company

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Tips for changing jobs

Do you want to change jobs in the same company? Having a job change within the same company you work for is possible, especially if there are vacancies. One of the main reasons for changing positions is because the challenges you encounter in your current job are no longer new. It’s time to change goals, to learn and take your knowledge to another professional level.

Know the tips to change jobs in the same company. The main thing is to recognize that your skills and knowledge give for more. Take note.

1. Contact the human resources department

So that you know what the specific situation of the company is regarding the vacancies that they have offered or that are about to be offered, we recommend that you approach the company’s Human Resources department .

Investigate what the options are, what positions interest you and let them know that you are looking for a job change for yourself, that represents new challenges, and specifies that your interest in continuing within the same company is so high that you prefer to look for what are the new options in which your profile could be the one.

2. Introduce yourself to the person in charge of the new area

It is not that you exert pressure or that you skip the recruitment and selection protocols, but it is important that you look for the person in charge of the area, that you introduce yourself and mention in which department of the company you are currently working, in addition of your interest in the new area.

It will be enough for you to mention that you are going to participate in the call for the vacancy and that you were interested in letting them know. In this way, you are not looking for preferential treatment, but consideration by those in charge of the area regarding your context.

3. Check the conditions of the vacancy

It is not that you only change responsibilities, also every job change must represent an increase in your salary income . This is why you should assess the vacancies that have a higher salary than the one you currently receive.

Another very important aspect is time. It is not about changing jobs in the same company to have less time for yourself and your personal life . The point is to find the perfect balance between private and professional. A balanced worker performs better in companies and enjoys their day to day more.

If the work of the new position represents an increase in the hours that you will have to stay in the company, evaluate how much that really suits you or rather, it is time to look at what options other companies offer you. Not wanting to stay within the same company means that you should sacrifice your time.

Check the conditions of the vacancy

4. Know your rights before the law

One of the virtues defended by the laws of the workers is that a company cannot make a change of position to an employee and offer him a lower salary than he already receives.

In the event that the company accepts that you change positions or that they themselves propose it to you, you must receive an increase in your salary for the simple fact of making the change.

In case you decide that you do not want to change jobs in the same company and prefer to stay where you are, the company cannot force you to change. Stay informed of the laws of the workers and do not allow administrative offenses to occur.

5. Update your resume to change jobs at the same company

It does not matter that you want to change positions within the same company , you need to update or redesign your resume. The most important thing is that you add all the tasks and achievements that you have done in your current position.

To give it a new format, we recommend that you search our list of free downloadable CV templates by profession and find the ideal CV for you.

Changing jobs within the same company represents new challenges. You can even search for a vacancy that is different from your profession or your previous work experience. If you want to achieve change, the most important thing is that you research the position you want to have, take courses, certifications or attend online or face-to-face seminars to increase your knowledge.

6. Accompany your resume with a cover letter

For your resume to have a greater impact, you must accompany it with a cover letter. One of the advantages of changing positions in the same company is that you already know the philosophy and values ​​of the company, so it is easier for you to direct your cover letter towards what they are looking for.

In your letter you should highlight the qualities of the company that you admire so much and that coincide with your work profile and with your own professional values.

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