60 keywords to put on your resume

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60 keywords to put on your resume
Keywords are essential for your resume to be chosen. Here we give you the list of the best words, adjectives and action verbs to put on a Curriculum Vitae.

When making a CV, it is important to know what words to put on the resume. These elements can be very useful when sending your resume to companies, as many save time knowing whether or not you have what they are looking for, and what will that information give them? Keywords are the answer.

The digital age works with keywords, all text on the Internet must have them because they facilitate the search for information. In order to obtain an answer or a solution, the user needs keywords to guide them. For this reason, this important element has reached the processes of recruitment and selection of personnel.

Many companies have a program by which they register the resumes of the candidates, these programs help to know if the CV has the keywords related to the vacancy, if not, they automatically discard the applications that do not have them.

That is why we have prepared a list of 50 words to put on your resume. Choose the ones that fit your profile and that are related to the vacancy or vacancies for which you want to apply.

20 adjectives to put on the Curriculum Vitae

Next, we will give you a list of the adjectives that you have to put in your Curriculum Vitae to use them as keywords and, in this way, find a job more quickly.

It is very important that the adjectives you use are related to the profile that is applying for the vacancy you want to apply for.

  • meticulous
  • Consistent
  • persuasive
  • Entrepreneur
  • creative
  • Flexible
  • Trustworthy
  • Capable
  • Determinant
  • Friendly
  • Sagacious
  • Enthusiastic
  • Unconditional
  • Perceptive
  • Loyal
  • discreet
  • Punctual
  • Cash (to)
  • Responsible
  • dynamic (at)

25 action verbs to put on your CV

We have dedicated ourselves to locating which are the action verbs that you can put in your resume to use them as keywords. Choose the ones that best suit your professional profile and the vacancy for which you are going to apply.

  • lead
  • To direct
  • Implement
  • Expand
  • Increase
  • Diminish
  • Solve
  • Deal
  • Achieve
  • design
  • Manage
  • Elaborate
  • Save money
  • Gain
  • Help
  • Supervise
  • Growing up
  • Authorize
  • Delegate
  • Handle
  • Define
  • Promote
  • Mediate
  • To persuade
  • advertise

15 specialized keywords to put on the resume

For your profile to be professional and specialized, it is important that your CV has specialized keywords. For this reason, we have created a general list of the most requested terminology by recruiters in different fields. Choose the ones that work for your profile.

  • Strategic analysis
  • Logistics
  • picking
  • Digital marketing
  • Proactivity
  • Address
  • Planning
  • Solution
  • Gets better
  • Implementation
  • Problem resolution
  • Analysis capacity
  • Verbal communication
  • Work ethics
  • Leadership
What words to put on the resume
What words to put on the resume

To know what keywords you should write in your CV, it is important that you review the job offer carefully. Read the job description and the specific tasks required of the candidate and write them down. Once you have the list, include them in your own resume.

Normally the main terms that a Curriculum Vitae carries stand out from the description of the profile, in each space of your curriculum where you think it is good to place them, include them, do not hesitate to put as many as necessary.

Resume sections where to add keywords

Keywords are necessary throughout your resume. It is a good idea to include them in several sections: professional profile, professional experience, skills and competencies, and computer science or software management.

A keyword in the CV must always respond to the needs of the vacancy. Make sure your resume offers what the company needs.

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