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job interview online

It is becoming more and more common to do online job interviews, so prepare yourself with these 8 essential keys to succeed in your job interview.

The world of work is constantly changing. Thanks to the global health crisis, companies have had to migrate to the digital world, this also means conducting job interviews online through different platforms such as Skype, Zoom, Hangouts and many more.

For this reason, we will give you the best tips to have a successful online job interview and, in this way, you can get the job you want.

8 keys to doing an online job interview

We know that not all workers are so familiar with digital technologies or with all the platforms that the Internet offers. Follow these tips to have a perfect online interview!

1- Know the platform for which the interview will be

It is not the same to use Skye, Zoom, Google Hangouts or WhatsApp. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the functions offered by the platform through which your online interview will take place.

Test both the audio and the microphone through which you will conduct the interview. We recommend that before doing the interview, ask the recruiter if the interview will be with audio only or with audio and video, because, sometimes, you do not need to use your camera.

2- Prepare your computer or phone camera

Although the camera is not always used for online job interviews, if your interview will be through video, it is important that you prepare the camera that you will use. The stability of the shot that the computer gives to the camera is important, however, we know that the quality of the video on many phones is higher than that of other equipment.

We recommend that, if you want to use your phone’s camera, you get a special tripod to hold your device and that it will not move during the interview, likewise, it is important that you take into account the battery life. In case you need to connect it, have the cables you would use for this on hand.

3- Practice in front of the camera

An advantage of electronic devices is that you can record whatever you want. So, do not miss the opportunity to record yourself. Practice the interview and record yourself so that later you can see what you could improve on.

There are also videos with which you can practice through an interviewer who will ask you general questions of a job interview and give you the response time, this tool can be very useful.

4- Choose an ideal space

online job interview


online job interview

The ideal place would have to have a desk, if not, you can look for any table in front of which you can sit and place your electronic devices.

Try that there are no distracting elements and that behind you the background is as simple as possible, precisely so that the interviewer is not distracted by visual elements. Find a sober and tidy place.

5- Gather guiding material for your online interview

You can prepare your own answers or make a summary of all your skills, knowledge and the tasks you have performed in your previous jobs. We recommend that you prepare guide notes with this information so that you can tell recruiters the sites where you have worked and each of the achievements you have had in previous jobs.

6- Prepare the questions you will ask the interviewer or recruiter

Before conducting your job interview, you should do as much research as possible about the company and the position you are applying for. In this way, you can prepare interesting questions for recruiters.

Remember that the candidates who ask questions always leave a good impression on the interviewers because, in this way, they realize that your interest in the company is high.

7- Choose a suitable outfit for your online interview

Just because it’s an online interview doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of your attire. Look for clothes that are appropriate for the occasion, not too formal but not too casual either.

Choose a good hairstyle that allows you to see your free face and your lines of expression. Don’t forget to smile, keep a positive attitude and take care of the way you feel. Your back should be straight and your head at a right angle to face the camera.

8- Watch your body language and look for eye contact on camera

Nerves or stress are very noticeable on camera. Although you feel nervous do not move. People tend to move a lot when they get stressed, from one place to another and this is very visible in an online interview. So we recommend that you be aware of your body and each of the movements you make in front of the camera.

We know it’s complicated, but you must maintain eye contact with the recruiter, how is this achieved? Try to look towards the camera as if the camera were the eyes of the recruiter.

Advantages of an online interview

  • Online job interviews allow for shorter hiring times than when interviewing in person.
  • Thanks to online interviews, recruiters can observe the candidates, their behavior and assess whether the information contained in their CV corresponds to what it says and how the person interested in the vacancy acts.
  • The online format allows a greater number of people to be interviewed, so companies can increase their chances of hiring the ideal candidate for the job.
  • Conducting the job interview in a personal environment gives the interviewee greater confidence.
  • Availability is higher, so doing it is easier.

Disadvantages of an online job interview

  • In the case of recorded interviews, candidates will not be able to correct what was said or have the opportunity to explain themselves better.
  • Making a good impression on the recruiter is more difficult on video than in person.
  • The internet connection can ruin the online interview at any time.
  • Electronic devices can fail and interrupt communication.
  • The quality of the video can be very poor and prevent the naturalness of the meeting from being used.

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