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best finding jobs website in Peru

Best finding jobs website, if you want to get a job, check out these pages to find work in Peru.  Each one has different functions that will facilitate your search and allow you to obtain specialized results according to your professional profile.

Thanks to specialized job search websites in Peru, the recruitment and selection processes have become much simpler. Discover in this article each of the options that we give you on this list and dare to find the perfect job for you.

Best finding jobs website

When it comes to job hunting, we know there are hundreds of options. Lately we think it’s all about looking for jobs on LinkedIn and while it’s a great option, there are also other options that we’ve put together for you in the list below. Find a new job in Peru, with or without experience, and achieve professional success.

1. Compuwork

Computrabajo is a free platform where you can find more than 25 thousand job offers. Create your profile, upload your Curriculum Vitae and start your job search. They also have a Blog section where you can find hundreds of job tips. Another of its great tools is to have a section where you can find out what the salaries are by category and get an idea of ​​how much you can ask for during job interviews.

2. Indeed

Indeed is one of the leading job portals in hundreds of countries is Indeed. This platform has the possibility of creating your resume directly on the page, with a system that they have and which recruiters interested in your profile can access. Another useful tool is that it allows users to rate companies, in this way you get an idea of ​​whether or not it is convenient for you to join the company you want.

3. Boomerang

In different Latin American countries, Bumeran is the most used platform for job search. So hundreds of Latin American companies upload their vacancies to this website. You will be able to find all kinds of offers, from work without experience to senior management positions in large companies.

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4. Laborum

Laborum is a page that contains all kinds of options for job search and vacancies. It offers companies recruitment services to find the ideal candidates and, for applicants, it has the option of creating the Curriculum Vitae online using its own tools. It has a professional advice blog and hundreds of active offers every day.

5. Fitness

Another of the platforms that offers you the possibility of creating your profile so that recruiters can find it in the database. In addition, Aptitus has the possibility of offering payment accounts in which you could obtain the special service to be one of the candidates that appear as the first option in employer searches.

6. Olx

Although this platform is not exclusively for job search and, rather, it is known as a digital market, it has a section to search for job offers and, the truth is that it has several options. So, be sure to check out Olx, maybe your dream job is posted there.

7. Portaljobs

Portaltrabajo is a simple platform to use and has offers both in the public and private spheres. It has a box where you can choose the Sector where you can find options such as government, ministries, municipalities, education, health and universities. It is quite complete and easy to navigate.

8. Netzun

Are you a student or recent graduate? Netzun is for you. The main offer of this site are the vacancies for professional internships. So, if you haven’t finished your studies yet but you already want to start familiarizing yourself with the professional world, we recommend that you look for the offers that Netzun has.

9. I look for jobs

Like other portals on this list, Buscojobs has an online CV creator that you can use within the platform so that recruiters have access to your resume. In this way, it is easier for you to make your resume. In addition, the offer is quite wide, it exceeds 40 thousand vacancies.


This portal is newer than the rest, so it can be a good option if you want to look for different options. It has a search by categories among which are: Marketing, Engineering, Sales, Administration and, of course, “other areas”. Its design is simple and seeks to avoid complications for users.

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